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General Care & Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance on a routine basis is essential to prolonging the life of your furniture. We recommend using the following information in addition to the relevant care guides specified to ensuring your furniture is performing at peak condition, so you can relax and enjoy it for years to come. 


  • Test out any new cleaning solutions on a hidden area before applying to the entire furniture piece
  • Use distilled water where possible when cleaning, for best results
  • Dust regularly to prevent buildup of dirt, particles or airborne pollutants which may cause damage
  • Remove day-to-day marks as they appear to prevent buildup of stubborn stains
  • Avoid using steel wool, scourers or any other abrasive materials when cleaning furniture
  • Strong bleaches and chloride-based cleaners may damage or dull the material’s finish and should be avoided at all times, unless stated otherwise
  • Keep furniture at a safe distance from excessive heat sources such as heaters, fireplaces and firepits to avoid damage, whether indoors or outside
  • Keep furniture out of harsh, direct sunlight to avoid premature fading and discoloration
  • Keep furniture out of direct contact with nails, claws and other sharp objects which may lead to scratches, tears or unsightly damage
  • Keep furniture covered during extensive periods of non-use
  • Maintain a regular care and maintenance schedule to increase the furniture’s longevity

Prevention is often the best cure. Any signs of damage or defect should be reported immediately. Please refer to our Warranty section for more information, or contact our Customer Support Team if you require assistance.

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