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5 Cardinal Sins of Interior Decorating

How To / July 22,2013

Poor taste in interior decorating has sometime been humorously described as a sin. Indeed, there are probably a few different cardinal sins when it comes to decorating the home, such as bland design and mixing too many design themes.

Hand-me-down approach

First-time homeowners often have a haphazard approach to decorating. Symptoms of this 'sin? include recycling too many hand-me-downs and a reluctance to throw anything away.

Time warp

The most common decorating sin observed in empty nesters is probably a reluctance to upgrade the spaces vacated by their children. Signs of this sin include kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms looking exactly as they did twenty years ago.

Design faux pas

Another common design crime is simply poor taste. Signs include clashing colours and patterns, and ill-conceived visual elements and furniture.

Excessive clutter

Many homeowners simply have too much clutter in their homes when it comes to decorating. Signs include loud wallpapers and wall paints that clash with swirly carpets and geometric furniture.

Bland decorating

Signs of bland decoration include too much espresso timber, excessive use of beige and similar colours, and a generally inoffensive style lacking personality.

Source: Huffington Post

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