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Adding Masculine Energy with Home Furnishings

How To / May 24,2013

Balance within the home is important and it is often masculine accents that can change and enhance a home's interior. Rather than being confined only to 'man areas', male inspired accents can be effectively used in many different rooms of the home. The idea is to imagine a perfectly coordinated man's suit and use this as a guide for lines, colours, textures, patterns and finishing touches to create interest, balance and sophistication in interior design.

The use of patterns is one great way to create accents within the home. Just as patterns on a man's tie, handkerchief or vest add interest to a suit ensemble, patterned pillows, rugs, curtains and other items can deliver a burst of colour and interest in a room. Industrial-look pieces that feature metal and wood can contribute strength and a masculine touch to a room, particularly when they are made from upcycled and re-used materials. The current trend of using vintage suitcases and trunks also helps to re-balance and add some masculine energy to a space. Such rugged pieces often make great coffee tables, side tables or accent pieces. They have the further benefit of additional storage space too. Buttoned furniture and furniture with tufts are currently popular and some pieces have a distinctively masculine edge.

Source: About.com

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