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Big Ideas for Big Living Rooms

How To / September 26,2013

A large living rooms presents its own decorating challenges and opportunities. Here we've provided some suggestions for how to theme the space. Lots of glass and timber allows a nature theme to shine through. An even more natural theme is to go all foresty; add glow worm lights, and make your coffee table a free-form tree-trunk planed horizontally. At the other end of the spectrum, coloured lights, wild 1960's prints and colourful bean bags shout 'hippie'. Mid-spectrum, paintings, a piano and plants are key ingredients for a classic style.

Large modern rooms can go totally futuristic with Perspex windows at odd angles and cavernous ceilings. Alternatively, if you have brick walls and a high exposed ceiling beams, you can go back in history to the castle look. Who will use the room can determine its decor. A feminine living room tends to use light colours and small, pretty objects, while men will prefer their room to sport dark colours and leather armchairs. If he is a bachelor, add loads of seating for gangs of friends. And perhaps a bar.

Source: Reve Decor

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