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Big Ideas for Small Living Rooms

How To / September 23,2013

Making space in a small living room goes a long way to making it more comfortable. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Limit seating to just two small sofas around a coffee table. Sofas provide more seating than armchairs and make best use of the space.
  • Use the corners for storage furniture like bookshelves and small-item cupboards. This keeps your things in a neat place and leaves your sofa area free for relaxing.
  • If you can plan your apartment before it is built, do away with a foyer and have your front door open directly into the living room. A foyer tends to be wasted space.
  • If your space and floor plan allows, use large bookshelves to partition the living room from other rooms. The shelves double as an extra wall and a great storage place. The backless kind allow a line of sight through the shelves, which lends a feeling of more space. The result is same space, more house.

Source: Vanessa Schauer

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