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Things to Know When Buying Leather

Buyers Guide / May 21,2013

For some people, leather furniture is chosen because of the stylish, sophisticated and luxurious appearance it can deliver within a home. While leather furniture is often thought to be very expensive, it is possible to find affordable pieces. Leather furniture does bring many advantages, but it is important to know what to look for in order to make an informed choice.

Not all leathers are the same. Some types of leather are rendered in order to remove evidence of grains and unique markings while others are left so that their unique markings and characteristics remain obvious. When considering the purchase of leather, it is useful to have some knowledge of the different types of leather including:


Textured leather in which markings such as bites, scars and wrinkles are left and a natural appearance is featured.


This reference is different to full grain as it relates to where the leather was cut. Top grain leather has not been split. It is important to make sure cushions and large areas of leather furniture have been cut from the top grain rather than from split fabrics or those with vinyl added.


Aniline leather has been dyed all the way through. It has a texture that is soft and pliable and, because of its porous nature, this type of leather can breathe and is durable.

Before shopping for leather, it is also a very good idea to understand the type of leather that best meets your needs and aligns with your lifestyle and living situation.


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