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Choose Your Colour Scheme Wisely

How To / November 21,2013

Colours convey emotion. Whether you are wearing them or looking at them, colours can give the impression of a feeling or can influence a person's mood. This theory can also be applied to the colour of your living area, which is why colour choice is so important. If you have trouble deciding what colours best suit your home, experts from Stonehand recently provided these tips.

  • Always add an accent colour that will add a splash of vibrancy to the area, especially when using neutral colours. For example, chocolate brown colours can be softened with a splash of pale bottle green, while blue will create an inviting feel to the room.
  • A good scheme for beginners is a monochromatic colour palette. Use multiple shades of one colour for a dramatic effect.
  • Remember to incorporate wood furniture, floors or other features into the colour scheme. A classic red and yellow scheme with tan furniture is a colour palette with which to start.
  • Lighter colours are best in small spaces. For example, a white and butter yellow combination is a great way to make a room feel bigger.
  • Whatever colour you choose, make sure it ties in with the furniture.

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