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Decorate a Living Room for Visual Comfort

How To / August 25,2013

Comfort is the most important feature of a living room setting, and not just in terms of what's comfortable to sit on. Getting a living room colour scheme right can mean the difference between a room that's easy on the eyes and a room that requires sunglasses. Here are some tips on how to manage a sofa's colour within a cohesive living room setting.

  • For dark couches in small rooms, use a bright or white wall paint to keep the space light.
  • That rule also applies in reverse, with dark wall paints helping to control a loudly coloured couch.
  • Layer some artwork on the walls that compliment the colour of the couch while keeping the wall colour in contrast.
  • Non-chromatic wall colours, such as grey, can provide a comfortable middle ground between a dark couch and bright feature items.
  • Traditional home fixtures, like old wooden door jams, look great with brightly coloured modern furnishings.

Source: Babble

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