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Decorating the Home from the Outset

How To / August 18,2013

Some of the leading trendsetters and style makers for interior decoration work in the home construction industry. Designers and decorators that work on a home from the outset have an intimate knowledge of that home's composite elements. Collaboration between designers and builders makes for a tight balance of functional elements and stylish aesthetics. The heart of a home is in the kitchen, following the popular saying that a family that eats together stays together. Designing a home with a generous kitchen space for cooking and eating provides ample opportunity for social meals. Attach a spacious dining room to the kitchen, and the home's heart gets a little bigger.

Design the family room to integrate with the dining room, and there will be plenty of opportunity for quality time between family members. But of course there will always be a need for privacy, so it's important for a home to include a separated office space. That office needn't be too big, provided there's a comfortable desk and chair with a working door to the rest of the home.

Source: Ottawa Citizen

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