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Decorating a Second Property

How To / August 14,2013

Dual property owners have a great opportunity to exercise their creative sensibilities when decorating their second home. Whether it's called a second home, beach house, or holiday retreat, there shouldn't be any work going on inside. Decorating a work-free second home interior is a great reason to check out local flea markets and charity stores. Without the pressure of professional engagements, a second home is open to highly personalized decoration. Childhood memorabilia, family heirlooms and sentimental items make great second home decorations. Use a little creative freedom during the decoration process.

For second home interior furnishings, it's best to use items that provide a dual purpose. Couches should have deep seats to allow for napping and the occasional sleepover guest. Side tables can double up as writing desks, and a chest of drawers provides a vanity top. Choose a second home colour scheme that encourages relaxation and fun. When there's a view outside, muted colours will attract people's attention to the window. If there's no view, go nuts with the colour.  

Source: Gloucester Times

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