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Easy Ways to make the Most of Floor Space

How To / September 27,2016

The functionality of a room can significantly improve when floor space is used efficiently. Because cities are becoming more densely populated, dwellings in urban areas are increasingly small. It has never been more important to make good use of the available floor space. Very often, people assume that furniture should be positioned close to walls in order to create space. This is not always true as doing this can limit the creativity and effectiveness of a room's layout.

When furniture is positioned away from the wall, easier traffic flow through the room is often possible. A little experimentation is also recommended as different furniture arrangements can help make a room appear larger. By integrating rugs into the design of a room, zones can be created to define the different functions of particular areas. Rugs also help to show the intended flow through a room. Floor space can be saved with the use of convertible or wall beds. These make it possible for a space to serve multiple functions, particularly in very small dwellings. Windows that provide abundant natural light to a room not only create a connection with the outdoors but help a space to look and feel larger. The brightness of a room can also be enhanced with floor lamps and ceiling lights. This can increase the likelihood that a space will be used as people tend to avoid using dark spaces.

Source: Design Build Source

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