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High Contrast Decorating Ideas

How To / September 1,2013

High contrast decorating is all about pairing opposites together. Here are some wonderful ways to incorporate this decorating trend into your home:

  • Using light and dark colours side by side - By pairing light and dark colours together, you can achieve amazing contrasts which look stunning. Black and white and navy and cream are two sets of contrasting colours that are trending right now. You can incorporate this trend using cushions and textiles, or even by painting a feature wall in your living room, for example.
  • Refined and rough objects side by side - Creating a side table with a number of rough and refined items carefully placed together can look fabulous. Put an elegant tea set with a garden statue, for example, or a rustic wooden bowl next to crystal candlesticks. Play around with the items you have at home to see what works.
  • Blending everyday with elegant - Pairing these elements together can create surprise and wonder for your visitors. This can be done by using silk pillows on a formal modern sofa, as one option.
  • On display, the expensive with the inexpensive - There are some items you need to invest in for your home, such as lounges and dining room sets. But then there are other items which you can grab as a bargain, like cute glass vases and bowls used for decoration. Don't be afraid to put things on display together that vary greatly in their price tag.

Source: Nell Hills Blog

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