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The Importance of Lighting

How To / August 24,2013

Understanding how lighting affects a room and how to use it to the best effect is a big part of successful interior decoration. People like to look from comfortable armchairs and couches to a beautiful color scheme, and that requires light. By the same token, too much light can generate a stark uncomfortable feeling that will detract from a living room's comfortable furnishings. Begin your living room decoration by thinking about furniture placement. Chairs and couches need to point toward something, whether it's a television or a central coffee table. Work out the placement so that each chair has a good line of sight, with nobody twisting his or her neck to get a good view.

Now it's time for the lighting, beginning with the windows. Natural light is the best, so make sure the curtains and blinds can be tied back for maximum effect. During the evenings, a few lamps with soft coloured bulbs will generate enough light to enjoy the setting while allowing people's eyes to relax.


Source: Economic Voice

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