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Kammerspiel: An All-In-One Furniture Solution For Studio Apartments

Fun Stuff / April 2,2017

 Big city living these days often comes with a price tag, unless you’re willing to sacrifice space and comfort to save a few extra bucks. But luckily there might be a way to to have it all, with this ingeniously designed furniture cube that packs in all the essentials so you can take advantage of every square inch of your apartment.


Named the ‘Kammerspiel’, this cleverly crafted wooden furniture unit by German architect Niels Holger Moormann let’s you maximise your space by fitting into the footprint of a cube some of the bare essentials of a modern-day unit. Built into the box is a lofted bed, kitchen storage area with fold-down table, reading nook complete with sofa and built-in book shelves, a walk-in-closet, storage room for 3 crates and up to 25 wine bottles, and a bike-hanging wall, all packed neatly into and on the outskirts of the 41-square meter cube. This design offers you a completely functional room within a room and allows you to open up the rest of your home with elements that work with and complement the rest of the living quarters.


Some clever features include stairs that lead up to the loft-style bedroom which also double up as drawers for extra storage, as well as a magnetic board for jotting down handy things like shopping lists when not being used as a fold-down dining table. With it’s modular design, the furniture cube can be opened up as needed or kept quite compact when not in use, making it the perfect piece of furniture for studio-dwellers or those with a minimal aesthetic.


Moorman designed the cube thinking it would be most suitable for writers, athletes, the ‘fashion conscious’ and those who work from home. He explains, "At a time when affordable living space is becoming scarce and the grand opera is not always possible, a Kammerspiel  – or intimate theatre – can be a fitting alternative".

Source: Moormann.de

Photos by Julia Rotter

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