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Leather Lounge Care Tips

Care and Cleaning / November 25,2013

Leather furniture can last for years if it is looked after properly. To get the most from your new investment, experts had these easy leather-care tips. Firstly, how often furniture should be cleaned depends on how heavily the piece is used and what colour the leather is. For example, pale colours may need more frequent cleaning, as does furniture that is used consistently by kids and animals.

Before you buy a new leather lounge, you should check whether it comes with leather protection cream already applied to the surface. If it doesn't, make sure that you invest in a good quality cream and apply before the couch is used to prolong the life of the leather. Dust your leather regularly, and Mobile Upholstery Repairs recommended that you clean leather with the vacuum cleaner, set to low suction with the brush attachment. Wipe high contact areas (head and armrests etc.) with a damp cloth. Clean your leather every 3-6 months with a high quality leather cleaner. Always remember to re-apply the protection cream after cleaning for the best long-term results.

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