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Better Quality Equals Better Leather

Buyers Guide / July 27,2013

When buying leather, consider the origin of the animal it came from. The quality of life of the original animal is expressed in leather's suppleness and softness. That is not so surprising leather is, after all, a living material. The best hides are from Europe, in particular Italy, where animal ethics are of the highest standard. Italian hides are part of the food source chain, making them a sustainable product. Beware very cheap leathers that may not in fact be leather at all. If you buy full-grain with aniline finish, you know you are buying quality.

Not only does leather come in a complete colour range, it lasts. It will even outlast fabric if well cared for, particularly if you have children or pets. Its traditional image as a masculine material makes it a good choice for studies or living rooms. However, this material is branching out into less traditional looks, such as a distressed, deliberately down-at-heel effect. Also in vogue is a patchwork effect built up using contrasting coloured stitchwork.

Source: Washington Examiner

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