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Removing Sticky Spots from Leather Furniture

Care and Cleaning / May 27,2013

Many people fear that sticky residue inevitably spells disaster, but with some effort the removal of sticky build up from leather is possible. Avoid the temptation to use a scourer or other scrubbing pad as this does not make the task any simpler and may in fact damage the leather permanently. It is far better to use a soft cloth and plenty of elbow grease to achieve a good, clean result.

The tools and materials needed for cleaning off sticky build up from leather include: water, mild dish soap, a clean soft cloth and a bowl. The bowl should be filled with water and a few drops of the soap then added. The solution should be stirred until bubbles form. The bubbles are important as it is the suds that will be used more soap should be added if few bubbles are forming. Slightly dampen the cloth by dipping it in the bubbles and use the cloth to rub the sticky leather. This process can be repeated as many times as needed to remove the sticky spots. It is worthwhile using a leather conditioner recommended by a credible manufacturer to preserve leather furniture.


Source: How To Clean Stuff

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