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Start Decorating with the Small Things

How To / August 17,2013

Lots of people confuse the practice of home interior decoration with home renovation, and can't tell the difference between them. Renovations and interior decorating are certainly related, but there is a huge difference in scale to appreciate. Interior decoration is to renovation what a walk around the block is to a trip around the world. When an interior setting begins to feel old, a little decorative readjustment can turn it all around without any need for drastic measures. Interior decoration is all about subtly readjusting existing arrangements to enhance comfort and visual appeal. Take the example of a couch, one of the most prominent furniture pieces in a living room. Eventually a couch will start to look old, but that doesn't mean it needs replacing. Place a pastel coloured cushion against both the couch's armrests to inject some new life into the setting.

A desk is a versatile furniture piece that can go anywhere in a home, depending on what's placed on top of it. A lamp, papers, and stationery mark the desk for office use. Try relocating the desk into the living room with a fabric draped over it to match the new cushions. With two little readjustments, the family living room has some new life and character. Remember to move things around and experiment with colourful additions when things start to feel old.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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