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Tips for Preserving Leather Furniture

How To / May 23,2013

When you own leather furniture, it is important to think about the placement of furniture within a room. We usually place furniture in ways that maximise convenience and aesthetics. However, care should be taken to avoid placing leather furniture near heating units (including heating vents) as heat can cause terrible damage. Heating units, including: radiators and space heaters, can cause leather furniture to dry out if exposure is prolonged.

Sunlight also poses a threat to leather furniture. Prolonged exposure to sunlight result in the fading of leather. Great care should also be taken with magazines and newspapers, as print can bleed on to leather furniture when left in contact. Care should be taken to fluff and turn the cushions of leather sofas regularly (ideally weekly) as wrinkles that are all but impossible to fix can develop in cushions that are not fluffed and turned regularly. Leather furniture needs to be frequently dusted and it is important that inappropriate cleaning agents are avoided. Detergents, soaps, oils, sprays and polishes should not be used as they may damage the leather. Very often, a dry cloth or a cloth and tepid water are sufficient for cleaning leather furniture.

Source: About.com

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