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A Tour of Sofa Styles

Trends / September 29,2013

Sofa fashions come and go, but a sofa lasts a long time so choose one that fits you and your house rather than the latest trend.


If a traditional sofa in a traditional house sounds like a yawn, don't despair. A traditional sofa's lines suit a historical home, but upholster it in bold designs or jewel colours for a very ?now? take.



A country-style sofa will suit not just a country cottage but many retro or 'shabby chic? rooms. Add your own bold twist with fabrics or cushions to pull it into the present.



These modern seating options are great for odd-shaped rooms, or large families. Some even have integrated drinks tables and foot-rests.


Louis XV

This bold style works in a range of architectural settings. Its arching back seems tailor-made for loud patterns that would look dire anywhere else.? However, it is a chameleon chair that also suits restrained neutral upholstery in a deliberately washed-out room.



In some ways the king of sofas, this classic is great in men's studies against rich wallpaper.


Source: Look Hunting

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