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Four Australian Homes Contend for Interior Design Award

Fun Stuff / June 18,2013

Having a peek into the way other people live is something that most people delight in, particularly when the homes are up for a coveted interior design award. The east coast dominates the finalists of the 2013 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards, with two homes located in Sydney and the remaining two situated just further south in Melbourne. According to Belle Editor-In-Chief, Neale Whitaker, the top houses must comply with strict selection criteria. Whitaker explains that primarily the client brief must be met. Secondary to this is the designer's creative execution and use of innovative design techniques.

Although budget is not a factor of the interior design awards (and is information that most owners and designers do not wish to disclose), Whitaker says that it would be 'substantial'. Eclecticism has been identified as the most prominent trend of the moment, with designer's boldy mixing genres, colours, eras, styles and textures. In the case of the four finalists, this free form method of design has resulted in tasteful, disciplined interiors featuring key pops of citrus and retro colours.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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