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Building a Blanket Fort for Children

How To / July 22,2013

A fort made from sheets and blankets is a classic way to awaken a child's imagination for play. These forts make excellent hideaway spots, castles, and other imaginary places. Little ones will benefit from some guidance and help from parents during the building process. Forts are relatively easy to build. Materials for building blanket forts include spare sheets, blankets, large towels, lounge cushions, string, clothes pegs and blinder clips.

Use room corners and the areas under tables, chairs, and desks for the base of the fort. Hang sheets and towels from doorknobs and hinges, lighting fixtures that have been switched off, the backs of chairs, curtain rods, window frames, and the tops of bookcases. String or wires can be secured across different points in the room to create more holding points for sheets. Hang sheets and blankets across the string and use clothing pegs to hold them in place. Chair and table legs can also be used to anchor the edges of sheets to the ground.

Source: CNN

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