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Decorating the Living Room

How To / August 13,2013

Everybody loves to relax in a nicely organized living room, whether its to watch movies, enjoy a hot drink or have a chat with friends. Making sure the home living room has comfy seating and nice colours is a great way to keep guests coming back. Here are some guidelines for planning out an ideal living room.

  • Start a living room design with comfortable seating. A couple of deep-seated couches always make people feel at home, or some armchairs can fit where a couch won't.
  • After sitting down, a person's next impulse will be to rest their drink and put their feet up. That's where ottomans, side tables and coffee tables come into play.
  • Arrange the seating and resting surfaces around the room's key feature. That feature might be a fireplace, a big television or even a chessboard.
  • Putting interesting objects in the living room is a good way to make an engaging space. Book collections, heirlooms and artwork help to make the living room a personal creation.

Source: Lubbock Online

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