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Decorating with your Sofa

How To / September 24,2013

There are five things to consider when buying a sofa: size, colour, shape, material and placement. Size matters if people in the house are tall, or many people will be sitting in the living room. You should also take into consideration if you plan to nap on it, or if you plan to have visitors sleeping on it from time to time.

Colour is a personal choice, but consider grey . It is neutral, stylish and matches well with other colours. The shape of your sofa will go a long way to setting your room's mood. Materials matter - leather is long-lasting, velvet is luxurious and inviting, and linen is comfortable. The more comfortable the fabric, the more your guests will feel like talking. Placement is not often considered when we buy a sofa, but positioning a sofa is an art. Place it with artistic flair, and it can transform the way you see and use the room.

Source: Olwood

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