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Living Space Design Advice

How To / October 13,2013

We spend a lot of time in the living areas of our home, so if you are feeling your lounge room is looking a little drab why not do some redecorating? Here are a few tips to get you started.


Decide on a theme

Think about colour and the type of style you want to emulate. Consider the other rooms in the house as well when making your decision.


Create a budget and invest where it counts

Things like sofas are important to invest money in. You want something that's long-wearing and looks great too.


Functional furniture items for smaller living spaces

If your living room isn't too large an area, consider purchasing furniture that has a dual purpose. Storage ottomans are a great example of a functional piece of furniture.


Search online and in magazines for inspiration

Be inspired by the things around you to come up with your own unique style for the space.


Experiment with the layout

Sometimes moving around the layout of the room can be all it takes to inject new life into a home.


Source: Pastel Patterns

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