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Style Updates for Living Rooms

How To / June 14,2013

The decision to redecorate can often come out of a fundamental need for more functional space or it can be triggered by an aesthetically pleasing style seen in a magazine. Redecorating can be as simple as updating an existing style or it can be a complete overhaul and change in approach. Furniture pieces passed down as family heirlooms hold great sentimental and historical value. Not only can they be financially quite valuable they can also inform the layout or style of a room as a result of their presence and worth.

Picking a focal point in a living room, such as a fireplace, can be a great way to get started. With updated tiling and mantel materials added, the fireplace's look is instantly refreshed. A change in dark, chunky furniture to slightly smaller, lighter seating options and occasional tables can lift the feeling of the room from heavy and cluttered to spacious and unimpeded. Floor rugs in lighter shades will give a boost to spaces designed for conversation while lighting can be strategically placed, or hidden, to create ambience.

Source: Public Opinion Online

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