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Tips for Investing in Home Decor

How To / August 28,2013

The most important thing when it comes to home decor is choosing a style and sticking with it. But what if you are unable to and end up falling in love with a new style every week? The key to investing in decor you'll love for years to come is choosing items that are timeless. Here are a few important suggestions to help get you started:


White towels

Many professional decorators and designers suggest only buying quality white towels. This is because they go with every style of bathroom you could imagine and won't ever clash with your bathroom colour scheme no matter how many times you move or redecorate.


Choose a colour scheme that's versatile

If you go with a few certain colours, you're trapped. Instead opt for neutral tones that will ensure if you feel like buying a few fluoro cushions for your couch that they'll fit right in!


Buy furniture that you can change later on

For example, buying quality wooden furniture you can sand back and re-stain in a few years is a good idea, because if you really want to change things up you can make changes to the colour of your existing furniture without having to go out and buy a whole new dining set, for example.


Source: My First Apartment

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