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Best Ways to Care for a Distressed Leather Sofa

Care and Cleaning / May 31,2013

Distressed leather sofas often serve as the focal point of a room. While they look great, distressed leather sofas require special care in order to preserve their appearance. It is a good idea to regularly wipe down a leather sofa using a dry cloth. Contaminants which can ruin the leather are removed when a sofa is wiped down in this way, but care should be taken that the cloth is not abrasive.

Be mindful not to put dirty footwear on the sofa. If contaminants are left to settle on the surface of the leather and it is frequently cleaned, the essential oils that keep the leather pliable can be stripped. Eating and drinking while sitting on the sofa should also be avoided. Even tiny crumbs can cut, rip or cause friction. In the event that food, drinks or grime are spilt on the sofa, they should be cleaned as soon as possible. However, the leather should not be saturated with any kind of liquid. Cleaning the sofa will remove some of the essential oils found in the leather and you should, therefore, use a small amount of leather cleaner with emollient qualities to soften and moisturise the leather.


Source: Wise Geek

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